An A11n


For the past 4 months, I have been working for Automattic (the people behind, Jetpack, Akismet, VaultPress, Simplenote, WooCommerce and more). We are a pack of c.500 people who live and work from c.50 countries. We don’t have offices – our homes, coffee shops, libraries, and beaches with wifi serve as our offices across the globe. It has been a welcome change of culture and flexibility compared to any of my previous jobs, and I am left wondering why more companies don’t treat employees as adults as we do.

Mind you, it isn’t easy, it isn’t for everyone, and it is a difficult line to draw between when work ends and home begins. But even within 4 months, I have begun to appreciate this environment, and I am willing to trade one for the other. I am learning to get better at managing my work day, at improving my productivity to give my best at every working moment, at communicating by writing, getting to know information by reading, and collaborating remotely with my colleagues across timezones.

Once a year, we get all Automatticians (yes, all 500 of us and growing) to come together for a week to work together on projects, take classes, do fun activities, and get to know each other better. I am on my flight to Canada for this year’s Grand Meet-up at Whistler. I have been excited for far too long about this and I can’t wait to meet all the amazing a11ns.

Follow our adventures for the next week on twitter (#a8cgm and @AutomatticGM) and instagram (#a8cgm).

Join us next year? We are hiring.

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