Running Inspirations

These days I classify people as runners and non-runners. Fit and unfit people.

I look up to Iron-women (and men), ultra-marathoners, marathon runners and generally fit people. I look up to the #6amClub and Project Awesome  – people who have a daily job (just like you and me), but find time to keep fit.

I look up to every one of those Strava entries that says and asks “I did something to make myself better – what have you done?”

  • I look up to Anna, who is running solo across NZ
  • I look up to Susie – she brightens up my timeline with her runs, smile and chatter (someday, I wish I can run like her!)
  • I look up to Mehul and his Ironman training
  • I look up to Andy – I hope I can be anywhere as fit as him when I get to his age
  • I look up to Runj and her consistency in training – gym, swim, Zumba, body combat – and thank her for introducing me to running and questioning me every time I slack
  • I look up to middlering – if I ever do as good as him, I am overachieving 😉
  • I look up to Shailja – I am still in awe of the splits in her first marathon!

… and many more.

Running has changed my life – I wouldn’t cope with pressures of daily life, of under achieving in everything else, if not for the runners high (this Oatmeal comic sums it up very well).

Non-runners do not know the mental benefits of running – there is not a single run till date I haven’t felt better after a run compared to before, however bad the run was.

Running is the best anti-depressant. Try it.

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