A perfect sunday

My perfect sunday lasts for 7 days (every week)!

…in which we wake up at 12 noon, have a yummy scottish breakfast and still have the full sun-lit day to go

…in which we watch every bollywood, kollywood, tollywood and hollywood movie that releases that week

…in which we read all the books in our bookshelf (okie – within 7 of the above sundays)

…in which we alternate between the Goan and Croatian beaches to soak in the sun, drink away and float in the sea before the romantic dinner every night

…in which we take long walks in pleasant weather

…in which we cycle to remote places and enjoy the pain at the end of the day

…in which we watch sunrise and sunset everyday

…in which we party once in a while with all the friends who are now around the globe

…in which I plan vacations

… and in which we enjoy them 🙂

2 thoughts on “A perfect sunday

  1. Yes – this the sunday i want too… 😦 have been slogging like mad since new yrs, just when i resolved that work was going to be p2. i think the zombie song is apt!

    happy new year babe!

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